Prenatal Vitamins for Hair – Do They Really Work?

By | October 15, 2013

We all know a pregnant woman must take care of her body. We all know that diet must be changed, schedules, plans, etc. But that does NOT mean a woman should forget about her beauty. Everything changes when a woman is pregnant. Sadly, a lot of them forget about themselves since all the attention goes to the child. But it can be different; you can still be and feel pretty.

Maybe you’ve heard about the changes a pregnant woman goes through. One of them is that the body becomes “oxygen rich” since it prepares itself to have a baby; and estrogen-rich. The excess in estrogen and oxygen make your hair grow faster. Now, we have heard of prenatal vitamins, have we not? These pills help you baby get nutrients that are essential for a healthy development.

Combine those two, and you could use prenatal vitamins for hair! And I mean, seriously. This is a fairly popular idea. Hair grows faster when you’re pregnant, and it slows down after you deliver. Think about it, this makes a lot of sense. Hair grows faster, but it’s not always “healthy” hair. You can use prenatal vitamins for hair, in the sense that you nourish your hair from the inside out.

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So your hair grows faster, and some prenatal vitamins for hair can not only make it grow fast, but shiny and pretty, too. Remember that most of what you think is a pretty hair comes from nutrients in your own body. Taking these vitamins is just an extra, since your body is in overload during pregnancy.

Every woman wants to feel pretty and the hair is something we all agree is pretty, if carefully maintained.

Now, not everybody wants to take prenatal vitamins for hair, a lot of people don’t think it works. And it’s understandable. When a woman gets pregnant, everybody will tell her that her health is now especially important, because her child depends on her. And that means no alcohol, no drugs, etc. So a lot of women stop dyeing their hair, stop treating it with chemicals, and so on. This means that their hair grows faster because the woman is healthier, not because of vitamins. This is a nice idea, but they are forgetting something. Ask any stylist, and they will tell you that pregnant women still dye their hair and they don’t stop perming their hair, etc.

The thing is that, basically, vitamins = health. Your body will dispose the vitamins it doesn’t use, which will be just a little, since you will need more if you’re pregnant. But really, it’s better to have a surplus of vitamins than a deficit.

Using prenatal vitamins for hair growth is a popular idea nowadays, because it’s something natural that you can use to your advantage. There are blogs about it, and people willing to share some wisdom. A cheap, fast way to boost the hair growth is something a lot of ladies want in these days.